Naildress Slider Design #8 Berries

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Product Details
  • Elegant, graceful sliders with butterflies for the most subtle and sophisticated fashionistas.
  • Juicy citrus. Bright, refreshing oranges, mandarins, lemons, and bananas for creating a bright E.Mi-manicure.
  • Berry mix. Sweet cherry, strawberry, and raspberry for creating stylish still-life paintings on nails.
  • Summer design. Bright, colorful fashion prints with fishes and cocktails for your bright summer nail design.
  • Stylish E.Mi-manicure in just a few minutes. The Naildress stickers save time and optimize a nail artist’s work.
  • A true finding for a highly-demanded nail expert and first time using. No special training is required.
  • Fast and easy. Sophisticated and eye-catching nail designs just in one minute.
  • The genius is simple. No need to cut out the design with scissors – the excessive transparent film can be easily removed with Ultrabond.

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