NAILCRUST 5D #36 Romance


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Product Details
  • 5D slider for superfast full-volume designs: romantic flowers and voluminous flower-buds in pastel colors – an absolute fashion trend among floral prints at spring-summer 2022 fashion shows. Create a truly summer, yet moderate and elegant, nail design by combining green and soft rose.
  • Easy to apply: decorative elements will help you create a sophisticated 5D drawing without any extra efforts and without making the nail look visually heavier.
  • Versatility: this decorative slider can be used on any coatings; it looks stylish both as a self-sufficient manicure decoration as well as in a combination with other decorations and drawn elements.
«How To Use»
  1. Prepare the nail plate. Apply E.MiLac on a natural nail plate or a gel paint on an artificial nail. LED/CCFL lamp– 1 min, UV lamp – 2 min.
  2. Apply E.MiLac SLIDER TOP GELLED/CCFL lamp – 30 sec – 1 min, UV lamp – 2 min.
  3. Cut out the necessary element and douse it for a few seconds. Remove the slider from the paper base and glue it to the nail surface. Smooth. Cure for 30 sec in any lamp.
  4. For better adhesion, apply ULTRABOND on the entire nail surface and allow it to air dry for a few seconds.
  5. Cover with E.MiLac SLIDER TOP GEL. Polymerize in any lamp for 2 min.
  6. Cover with E.MiLac TOP GEL TACKLESS. Cure in any lamp for 2 min.

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